Types of media in learning English during COVID-19.

by Dina Wulansari, S. Pd.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, including our country last December 2019, which is an infectious disease, it has impacted in our daily activities due to social distancing, one of them is in the teaching and learning process, which was originally face-to-face but now takes place online in accordance with government policy. Various online learning platforms have emerged, such as Zoom, Google Classroom, Quizizz, Jam Board, Kahoot, Edmodo, etc. This is very useful in delivering material, particularly foreign language material, such as learning English by studying tenses, which are never separated from formulas or other types of text. This also had an impact on the teaching staff, who were initially required to be literate in technology until they finally liked it and were greatly helped because ineluctably they have to adjust to the era where the current generation has never been separated from things related to the internet. Here are several Types of media in English language learning during COVID-19.

GOOGLE meet/zoom

Google Meet/Zoom Media makes it easier for teachers to monitor student conditions and attendance through the webcam feature when carrying out online teaching and learning. Interaction with a large number of participants makes it possible for all students in each class to participate in these activities. In this medium, there is also a feature of presenting the screen either in the form of documents or PPT that have been made to convey material easily, so that students can receive information through this medium and if they do not understand, they can activate the microphone and directly ask the teacher interactively about the problem.


YouTube is one of the most popular media platforms today. Teachers can convey theory to students or other viewers in the same way that Google Classroom does, but the advantage of YouTube is that teachers can only post video material once, whereas students can watch it as many times as they want, whenever they want, and by whomever they want.

In addition, teachers can also develop their creativity both in delivering videos in the form of moving animation displays such as those from the Powtoon or Renderforest applications, and in editing, as I have done on my YouTube channel. On my channel, I try to show examples of conversations about asking and giving opinions, so I choose two-way interaction by using a female and a male character to have an opinion dialogue. There, I tried to enter two different sound characters. It takes effort for editing, but it`s very fun. As for us, we can take it directly with the appearance of the face on the screen using the help of tripods, or we can just display the sound from the PPT using the screen recorder feature or other applications such as Ice Screen Recorder. This is very useful, especially if there are many viewers and subscribers to increase the teacher`s enthusiasm for uploading the next material.

Google classroom

Google Classroom is a medium that makes it easy for teachers to send assignment files to students and receive student assignment results by creating folders for each class that we manage by being given a class name with a certain number of students and setting a certain time limit. Also, students can be directly commented on by the teacher on the assignment results they receive, and the corrected value also immediately appears after being corrected. Students can see which KD has not been done because there is a display in the form of a "not yet done" notification; for example, KD 3.4, "Passive Voice," hasn`t been done yet, so students don`t forget and don`t have to ask again about assignments that haven`t been done. Students can still work on assignments even though they are late according to the predetermined schedule, but there is a sign of being late, making it easier for teachers to see who is working on time and who is the latest in uploading assignments.


Quizz media is very useful in giving formative or summative assignments to students. With an attractive display of features, it is also wrapped in a game, so that students enjoy working on questions in the form of a game. Students can also see the results and who received the highest or lowest score right away. Students who receive good grades but are dissatisfied with them frequently want to make immediate improvements. This fosters students` competitive and constructive spirits

Based on the kinds of media above, it is very useful, especially in learning English, and makes it easier for teachers to deliver material and receive assignment results to process grades during online learning. It is hoped that with so many e-learning-based learning media, students will be able to learn more effectively

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